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Our Data Philosophy

Woocation is connecting the obscure dots between data and intelligence. We are taming the world of dark data, torturing it to explore hidden patterns and indications.

Think about it.

With so much of data lying all around us, why do we still need to search for what we need, and often not find it easily ? And, what happens when we don’t know what we need to know ? Can user delight be created by providing the right information to drive the right decision ? How can an inconvenient situation be avoided proactively ? Should lack of information be the cause of something unfortunate ?

The answer is proactive, personalised intelligence following you wherever you go. It’s a journey.

We believe Intelligence should be delivered proactively and in-context to what the user needs. Providing the right information at the right time is the precursor to all user decisions, from identifying a provider to buying a product.

Think of us as a data-powered reading lens scanning microscopic moments, patterns, correlations and coefficients hidden amongst trillion data nodes gathered from multi-domain global data sources.

Drop the search, adopt the science with Woocation.

Our Data Powerhouse

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Unique Possibilities

Why we do what we do

Why business and personal decisions made in this information-driven-digital-world still fail to accommodate basic risks metrics? How can we know what we do not know that we do not know ? Why is it so difficult to make simple decisions that protects lives, saves costs and reduces failures ? What is needed to help every individual take the best personalised decision ? How to build an information freeway where information reaches you proactively in a highly personalised way contexualise-d to the given situation.

The data first world, what will take to build it ?

Our Product


Global Risk Measurement

Our data intelligent platform monitors global co-ordinates in analysing 100+ risk categories and delivering them in a highly personalised and evidence based way.

Route Intelligence

Global co-ordinates joined on a route chosen by the user with properties of the route delivered in real-time augmenting the user's journey

Regional Intelligence

Regional sentiments are largely hidden in local literature. Our multi-lingual translation and transliteration capabilities mines regional intelligence providing complete coverage to diverse demographies

Predictive and Prescriptive Analysis

We process trillions of globla sources of unstructured, structured, historical, and real-time data. Processing which we provide predictive and prescriptive analysis in a highly contextual user-specific way.

Data Intelligent API Interface

Personalised insights are delivered using an intelligent interface easily consumable by third party applications. The API's are categorised into industry specific packages serving focussed areas.

Real-time Alert Engine

Woocation's AI and Machine Learning algorithms identifies global patterns, severity ratings, personalised recommendations, and more using a high evidence based architecture and delivers them real-time

The Team

On a data mission to discovered untapped wisdom and deliver personalised knowledge

Ankur Co-Founder, The Geek

Data geek with a meticulous vision in identifying hidden patterns and stories. Loves exploring and investigating tons of information and mathematical models to derive meaning out of disparate sources or raw data. 12+ years of super-computing experiencing and deep data research. Has been advisor to CXO of billion dollar companies. Woocation is a filtered thought of years of research and observation.

Devleena Co-Founder, The Philosopher

Avid reader, explorer and spends hours researching about work in general and the world at large. Believes strongly in mind over matter approach which has guaranteed her many worthy to mention best performance awards. Over 11 years of industry experience working across multiple domains and multiple geographies have taught her few basic things 1) Nothing great is ever easy 2) Everything has a reason 3) You cannot improve what you cannot measure. Speaks to her own self when thinking out of the box.

Rahul The Innovator

Loves putting order to randomness using multiple trajectory of thoughts. Passionate about finding answers to difficult questions Rahul is the data forensic genius in picking subtle evidences, clues and conclusions. Startup enthusiast who loves exploring new technological tools. Machine learning, AI and NLP enthusiast with a determination to learn everything that is needed to make things work perfectly. When not crunching numbers the world of literature and photography takes his fancy.

Varun The Crafter

While everybody speaks in disjointed 0's and 1's Varun visualises the thought. Adept at converting broad discussion into minute observations at realtime and transforming them into working modules, he observes what you even mutter under breadth. Technology has been his weapon to make the world a better place, a Web guru and mobility savant leaving no stones unturned to reach his end goal. Varun loves to sweat it out in the gym for the wholesome body-mind execution.

Mayank The Pioneer

Be careful about being sloppy around Mayank. A perfectionist with a mind of an adventurer, a lethal combination which helps him discover what mosts don't even with extra glasses on. Walks the talk and takes ownership of the team. A passionate data explorer with a knack in ML, NLP he can visualise the bigger picture. Self motivated and an achiever of perfect deliveries over and over again. When not at his work desk Mayank uses his singing talent to charm the world.

Noor The Orator

A calm observer to the confusion around her, Noor asks the most critical questions. She is the devil's advocate to technologists lost in loopy thoughts. Realistic to the core she keeps aligning the business compass for seamless execution.<br /> A unique mix of business acumen and technology passion helps Noor to connect to multivariate personalities and drive home the talks. Ever enthusiastic to apply technology in serving basic daily needs. When she is not working she loves to explore the gastronomical side of things.

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